Gavin and Mommy Love to Watch Max & Ruby

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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Gavin likes to see cartoons in nickjr. channel. 'Max & Ruby' is one of its. When he watches it, I sometimes watch it too. The series is about two rabbits, Ruby the sister and her brother Max. Based on the classic children's book series by Rosemary Wells. Produce in Canada year 2002. 

The animation looks like an old sketch. It isn't as colorful as others. There is no fantasy or magical scenes. Only real life and tell about children activity. What they do and what they think about. It shows the relationship between sister and brother.

Max oftenly makes trouble but Ruby is always patient and tell Max to be more careful. But Max is also asking for apologize even though he makes mistakes all the time. They teach us how to be a good kid. The conversation in Max & Ruby is easy to understand. It pronounces clearly so Gavin easily gets it. Although he isn't American. Yes of course! ^o^

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These are some episodes I've watched
The Time Capsule
Grandma shows her time capsule to Ruby. It is a box full of Grandma's childhood things. Every time Grandma opens it, it brings wonderful memories to Grandma.  It inspires Ruby to have a time capsule too. Ruby prepares and decorates a box to make it a beautiful time capsule.

Girls Night Camping
Ruby and her friends want to camp in the yard at night. Max wants to join them but the girls reject him. Then Max figure out what should he do until they would accept him in their camp.

Costume Contest
There is costume contest at the school. Ruby really wants to be the royal highness of Bunningham Palace with Max. But Max prefers to be a Super Bunny.  Ruby uses many ways to persuade Max to be a king for the contest.
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Every story is so touchy.  It shows that childhood is very wonderful. There are lots of things we can do and explore. Not only to play gadget like nowadays. 'Max and Ruby' gives many inspirations. The story, the characters and the illustrations are success bring me into sweet memories. Wassalam.

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  1. Aku juga sukaaaa kartun ini. Awalnya krn si bungsu yg suka nontonin, trua akunya iseng ikutan, eh malah suka. Kalo si kaka udh ga mau nonton max and ruby, krn merasa udh gede :p

    1. Wah udah ga laku nih kartunnya sama si kakak hihihi... iya bagus ya mba... realita banget, udah jarang yang gini kartun2 anak

  2. Anak-anakku juga seneng banget nonton Max and Ruby mbak Dewi.
    Isinya sih slalu positif ya.
    Bener-bener realitanya dunia anak-anak.

    Tapi memang hampir semua sih acara di Nick Jr itu bagus-bagus.
    Kalau di rumah, hampir gak pernah bolong tuh mbak nonton channel itu hehehe


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